How will this work?

On September 01, 2024 I will start my attempt to set a new speed record on the bicycle. On the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah (USA) I will try to beat the existing world record of 296 km/h in the slipstream of a dragster.

The bike I will use for my attempt will be a custom-made one. The high speed requires an extremely high gear ratio so that I still have a suitable cadence even at 300 km/h (186,41mph). With this gear ratio it is actually not possible to start from a standing start - that would be like trying to start a car in 6th gear. That's why my bike is attached to the dragster with a rope, which pulls me up to about 100 km/h. At this point the rope is released by a mechanism and then I accelerate to more than 300 km/h by my own muscle power.

The dragster stays in front of me the whole time and gives me enough slipstream with a special construction attached to the back. No imagination? Then take a look at the picture above.

How fast will I be? We'll see - depends on the shape of the day and the weather conditions - but in any case I have a value of more than 300 km/h in mind - hence the name of the project.

In order for everything to run as planned, a lot of things have to happen first of course: The special bike has to be finished, the dragster has to be modified accordingly, not to mention the organization, the personnel costs and last but not least the advertising.

So in order to be able to realize this big project as planned, I need a lot of money to make it all work. Therefore I have started a crowdfunding campaign and I ask for your support! You can find the link at the top of the navigation. And of course I'm also happy about any more sponsors. For further information please use the contact form. Be part of a project that will go down in history!